Women and Sexuality

Workshop leaders: Katja Nadine Passeri(ISHA Rijeka) and Dimitrije Matić(ISHA Belgrade)

Throughout the most part of human history women had very little or almost no control over their own body, as well as sexuality. That’s why the main focus of this workshop will be on exploring how women’s sexuality has been seen throughout different times and women’s fight to re(gain control over their own body and actions. Although there are notable predecessors when it comes to this struggle, we can honestly say that women truly started to fight for their sexuality and control over their body, which included reproductive rights, in the 1960s.
That’s why the main focus of this workshop will be on the development of feminist movement(s) during the second half of the XX century. During the decade of 1960s things have really started to change. This decade saw the rise of the second wave of feminism, which brought to light many issues that have not been dealt with so far: family and workplace relations, legal forms of discrimination, and of course reproductive rights and sexuality. This fight against discrimination really shook up the Western society and managed to encompass within itself various ways of protesting: from revealing everyday troubles of a suburban woman by Betty Friedan to the radical views of Valerie Solanas.
This workshop bears the name Women and Sexuality, mostly because the second-wave feminism was the first that publicly spoke about the question of women’s sexuality and reproductive rights, which remained greatly important for feminists up to this day. However, this wave, as well as all the others that followed, had much deeper roots in history, which we will try to explore in this workshop.