About topic

In July 2018, ISHA International, at its General Assembly, assigned the ISHA Spring Seminar to the ISHA section in Belgrade. The topic that was then voted is (De)Construction of Myths about Women through History. There were two main reasons why we chose this topic. Firstly, we consider that the question of the position of the women and especially the myths that were created about them are extremely current in modern historiography. With a deconstructive approach, historical science has made some very significant breakthroughs. We, as students of history, wanted to get involved in this great discussion, thinking that on the one hand we can contribute to it, and from the other we could learn a lot from it. Our hope is that the spring seminar in Belgrade will bring many quality debates and important conclusions. The second reason is that women for more than 20 years were not an independent theme at ISHA seminars. With this kind of topic we wanted to renew interest in the women’s issue within the ISHA International organization.