After a couple of years without a proper history student organization in Belgrade, group of young people founded a new history club, called Klub studenata istorije Ostrogorski (History students’ club Ostrogorsky). The club was named after famous Russian and Yugoslav historian of Byzantine Empire, George Ostrogorsky (1902-1976). The founding assembly was convened in March 2017, the new board has been elected, and the club started with first actions to promote history and to attract new members.

The Club now has about 80 members, and many successfully organized events. The contact with ISHA International was established by May 2017, and on June 10th our Club has been officially accepted as a member of ISHA International, and thus an ISHA Belgrade was founded.

Our plans in future include continuing work on promoting history in Belgrade and Serbia, organizing more lectures, and local workshops, and visiting neighborhood ISHA sections. Of course, as a representative of the important city of the southeastern Europe, ISHA Belgrade section wishes to participate in ISHA international activities: seminars, conferences, and etc.

During the 2018 the Club started work on organizing and publishing our local journal called KSIO (an acronym for the Klub studenata istorije „Ostrogorski“). We aim to publish first issue in December 2018, both online and in hard copy. The deadline to send papers is 15th November 2018.

We are happy to inform you that we will organize an ISHA Spring Seminar in 2019. The title of the Seminar is „(De)Construction of myths about women through history“ and it will take place from 8th to 14th April. More information coming soon.

Our current leadership:

Milan Bojić, president of the Klub studenata istorije „Ostrogorski“

Stefan Stojadinović, vice-president

Stefan Brajković, general secretary

Maja Lazić, treasurer

Andrijana Vlahovnjak,  public relations manager

Ognjen Tomić, head of the ISHA Belgrade and liaison to ISHA International

Vuk Samčević, secretary of the ISHA Belgrade

Dimitrije Matić, editor-in-chief of the KSIO Journal

Emilija Cvetković, secretary of the KSIO Journal